The Importance of Redecorating Your Home after Divorce

Divorce is a heartbreaking struggle that is quite prevalent in today’s world; America currently sees around 50 percent of first-time marriages ending in divorce. Beyond the emotional distress that comes with divorce, you’re also responsible for a variety of real-life issues as a result of your split. One of the most heart wrenching and stress-inducing aspects of a divorce is the question of who gets the house. If you are staying in the home that you shared with your ex-spouse, experts agree that you should visually alter it, as it can support your emotional journey and reflect a new chapter in your life. Take these redecorating tips into consideration and do what you can to transform your home back into a place that provides you comfort and serves as your safe haven.

Let Color Guide You

Your first order of business should be painting the walls a brand new color. This seemingly inconsequential change can actually have the biggest impact. Specific colors can actually evoke varied feelings. If you find yourself in need of a calming presence, a pale blue or muted grey could bring the peace into any room you choose. These colors are especially well suited to bedrooms, places that are meant to be our oases from the outside world.

When it Comes to Furniture

Your furniture might be harder to replace, an unfortunate fact when those furniture pieces might remind you of memories of your ex. If you find that budgetary concerns make it impossible for you to replace your furniture, consider some Feng-shui instead. Surprisingly, even rearranging your couch and table can make the biggest difference in the appearance and feel of any room, giving you a new outlook on the room.

Sentimental Items

Your home might be currently filled with items that had sentimental meaning to your relationship, and these constant reminders of happier times with your ex may be detrimental to your healing process. For the time being, it might be in your best interest to box up these items—whether you store them for your children or later review, or throw them away is your decision to make. Be sure to replenish your décor as you get rid of it, however, as empty space can be disheartening. Instead, strive for a mix of sentimental and brand new. Set up your living space with modern, clean pieces from a site like, and then augment these with sentimental items from other loves in your life, i.e., a painting your grandmother made, framed drawings from your kids, or photos of you and your best friends growing up. Find an art print recreation of a famous piece of art from that has some sentimental meaning for you from childhood, or browse their new up and coming collections to find a piece that you find to be emotionally moving.

For Security

If you’re going to be living in the home alone, or with just your kids, the thought of being alone can be overwhelming and a little bit frightening. If you’re concerned about security, consider installing a brand new alarm system that will alert you of any suspicious activity inside your home. You might also consider the Nest camera security system. Even when you’re away from home, you’ll get notifications about movement in the house and be able to see livestream images.

Bring Out the Old Items

When you and your ex initially moved in together, you may have had to forfeit a few of your personal favorites in respect of their decoration preferences. If that sounds familiar, pull out those old boxes from storage and take out the things you’ve kept hidden for a long time. It could be that rug your spouse hated, that piece of art you bought in college and still love, or a sentimental family heirloom.

Redesigning your marital home after a divorce can give you a sense of renewal, and inspire you to begin your emotional recovery on the right foot. Incorporate these redecorating tips into your home and make new memories in a space designed to help you bolster your self-esteem and lead your best life.