Daughters of Divorce Episode 4: Mistrust Isn’t Always Related to Cheating

In this episode, Terry interviews Alyssa, a 36 year old married mother of three children who mistrusts her husband, Jake, in spite of his trustworthy behavior. Alyssa has ongoing challenges with overcoming mistrust stemming back to her parents’ divorce when she was a child. She understands the root of her mistrust and has the courage to stop it in its tracks.

Alyssa’s story is an inspiring one for all of us, and we are all capable of changing for the better like she did. It’s crucial to decide to build trust in intimate relationships if you want to find lasting love. Rather than always taking a reactionary stance, try to operate from a viewpoint that your partner wants the best for you and won’t abandon or hurt you. Let your partner prove, through word and deed, that he or she is trustworthy.

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