Tracy Clifford, BA

Tracy Clifford

When I was a child, I could often be found holed up in my room for hours on end, reading books, but more importantly, writing stories. So when my mom approached me with the idea of writing a book about women like us, daughters of divorce, it was a natural fit. Our book, Daughters of Divorce, will be published by Sourcebooks in the fall of 2015. It delves into the issues women from disrupted homes face: fear of relationship failure, difficulty trusting romantic partners, and fractured self-esteem. In the process of writing Daughters of Divorce, I learned much about myself; how important it is to balance closeness with autonomy, and how crucial it is to let my guard down and reign in my self-reliance. Many women, especially those who come from divorced homes, prize their independence. But often this “independence” is the result of a broken heart.

Our book has inspired this website, Moving Past Divorce, and my hope is that it will be a healing community for those affected by divorce but determined to move forward to a place of greater happiness and peace. I encourage you to keep up with our blog and stay tuned for when Daughters of Divorce hits the bookshelves.Thanks!