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Daughters of Divorce

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A Passion for More: Affairs That Make or Break Us

An Interview with Susan Shapiro Barash by Terry Gaspard, LICSW Susan Shapiro Barash is an American author of thirteen nonfiction women’s issue books including Tripping the Prom Queen, Toxic Friends, and You’re Grounded Forever, but First Let’s Go Shopping. She writes...

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About Terry

I am Terry Gaspard, MSW, LICSW, a licensed clinical social worker with extensive experience in counseling and writing. The topic of Moving Past Divorce is a personal one for me – divorce goes back several generations in my family.

“Moving Past Divorce is a great resource for individuals dealing with divorce and daughters of divorce to restore their faith in love.”

“Parental divorce approximately doubled the odds that offspring would see their own marriage end in divorce.” – Paul Amato

“Trust and intimacy are not my strong suits. I hope that my marriage will be nothing like my parents.”