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1 on 1 Telephone Coaching
With Terry Gaspard MSW, LICSW
Author and Owner of

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* Terry will most likely be able to schedule a session with you within 2 weekdays. No appointments are made between Friday 4:30pm EST and Monday at 12:30pmEST. Appointments are usually made between Monday 12:30pm and Friday 4pm (most appointments are available after 4pm EST Tuesday through Thursday). They must be paid for at least 24 hours in advance of the session (in order to reserve the time) through the pay pal option on this site.

Telephone coaching is not counseling but it can help you to get information, support, and advice from a divorce expert. Typically most people sign up for two to four sessions and seek counseling if needed for further support. Terry does not text her clients but schedules sessions through email.

MovingPastDivorce offers affordable, solution-focused telephone coaching to daughters of divorce and men and women who are trying to resolve issues related to divorce, parental divorce, post-divorce adjustment, remarriage, and stepfamily life. I also work with couples contemplating divorce. Divorce is a painful experience and our strength-based approach can help you cope with one of the following transitions:

  • Divorced single adults questioning their relationship choices.
  • Married individuals considering divorce. Terry is a child development expert and can help you consider the impact of divorce upon children of all ages.
  • Married or remarried couples struggling to save their marriage and in need of practical steps to get their relationship back on track.
  • Adult children of divorce looking to make peace with their past and form healthy intimate relationships.
  • Adult children of divorce feeling stressed with the prospect of dealing with the holidays, weddings, and other special occasions where parents and/or stepparents might face potential conflict.
  • Divorcing parents looking to minimize their child’s pain and/or having concerns about what’s in their child’s best interest (visitation, shared parenting, absent parents, etc.).
  • The challenges of stepparents:  new roles, discipline, blending families, resolving conflicts, and communication breakdowns.

A 45 minute session can be scheduled for $60.00. A package of two sessions can be scheduled for $100.00. All packages must be paid 24 hours in advance of a scheduled session and are subject to renewal. Terry can no longer offer 20 minute free consults due to an increase in coaching clients. Payment must be made through pay pal at least 24 hours before your appointment to reserve your time slot. Refunds will only be issued if clients cancel with 24 hours notice in writing to (minus $2.04 pay pal fee). Thanks!

*All conversations are confidential and Terry is a professional divorce coach and therapist.