Divorcing? Put Your Kids Best Interests First As They Head Back To School

Deborah Moskovitch is a Canadian divorce coach and author who specializes in divorce and is the author of  The Smart Divorce: Proven Strategies and Valuable Advice from 100 Top Divorce Lawyers, Financial Advisers, Counselors and other Experts. We’ve decided to post yet another blog by Deborah about the importance of helping your child get off to a good start in school this year.

It’s tough enough for kids to go back to school – and it’s even harder for the children of parents who are separated or divorcing. Kids may worry that their lives will change dramatically or that they will be forced to move away. Toss in the butterflies that come with a new school year, and your child may be more stressed than you realize.

Here are 5 key things parents can do make the transition back to school easier, when everything else about the family is in transition.