Co-Parenting Tips: Two Houses Means Bringing Kids’ “Stuff” Back and Forth

By Jackie Pilossoph
Try to imagine what it would be like having all your things, your “stuff” (your clothing, books, paperwork, jewelry, accessories, mementos, body products, athletic equipment, etc.) at two houses, and constantly having to remember to bring certain things back and forth from one house to another. That’s how your kids feel, especially when they start getting older. So, I want to offer some co-parenting tips on this issue.
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2 Responses to “Co-Parenting Tips: Two Houses Means Bringing Kids’ “Stuff” Back and Forth”

  1. Greg Dean says:

    I have found it consistently fascinating that no matter how many people file for divorce, others are willing to get married.

    This planet has so much potential. Each person has so much potential. The sheer millions of people who failed to meet their true potential because they married and then later divorced, aged, emasculated, dejected and lost, astounds me.

    There is a code to crack as far as marriage is concerned. The best advice you could find is from that elderly couple in that nursing home who built a life and family and legacy together, who will eventually pass away together.

    If you do not intend to stick it out like that, I recommend that people do not marry and instead focus on life achievement and giving their time to worthwhile, environmental causes, rescuing animals, helping the sick, while pursuing a worthy career and having adventurous hobbies.

    No amount of s*x will bring anybody consistent happiness. Adrenaline, yes. Happiness, no. No amount of affairs will suffice for some people. No amount of yelling and screaming in their relationship will bring them satisfaction, closure or good results.

    The idea of marriage is to stay steady inside some very easy boundaries of respect and love. Otherwise, live life single and pursue worthwhile challenges.

    Thanks for including my reply.

    All the best,

    Greg Dean.

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